Ana Shell : Founder

Ana Shell


An environmentalist, venture businesswoman, the owner of the private Fund of entrepreneurs-inventors known as “Territory of Shell" and founder of the Ana Shell Media Press.
Ana observed a world where oil, gas and money rule. These natural resources help the United States and the European Union print money. All the other countries, being apart from the scheme ''natural resources = money,'' are considered third world countries.
Ana believes civilization is a parasite that feeds off of nature. All people live in debt to nature, because the main volume of energy is produced from oil, gas or coal. This will continue until an alternative power generator becomes available at a price three times less expensive than existing systems.

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John Wish : Editor

John Wish


Successful blogger, opponent of globalization, author of many books including “Fate of the Family of 21st Century,” and “Child Rights in a Family.” Received a Juris Doctor degree in family law and undertook work on the issues of reduction of the financial burden on family by reducing the price of oil and gas.
Aims to spread ideas about how developing new strategies and new technology can mold the future into the present we always wanted.

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Tori West : Assistant to Editor

Tori West

Assistant to Editor

Enjoys working and collaborating in conjunction with our team on a variety of different energy projects. Hopes India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and all of the other developing countries will have access to affordable, clean electricity in the near future.

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Annie J : Singapore Editor

Annie J

Singapore Editor

Annie is trying to solve the problems of pollution that the 21st Century has brought upon us and the planet. Frequent travelling experience lets her share fresh news about the current situation in the Asian region in environmental, business and entertainment fields.

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Dan Moyer : US Editor

Dan Moyer

US Editor

A graduate of Rutgers University, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Philosophy, Dan's writing resume is diverse. He's authored feature-length Hollywood screenplays, green energy blogs, music reviews and interviews - to name a few. Pairing with NRGLab has afforded Dan the opportunity to invest his creative talents to helping make the world a better place. Because he believes in a greener future, and hopes that, through some persuasive wording, you will too.

Steven Heywood : UK Editor

Steven Heywood

UK Editor

Steven has worked for a number of environmental organizations in Europe over the past few years on issues including tar sands extraction, sustainable development, international climate change negotiations, and water sharing agreements. A graduate of the University of Birmingham and the London School of Economics in the UK.



Adora Penn : Chief Operations, Philippines

Adora Penn

Chief Operations, Philippines

With over 15 years of global networking experience, her expertise are well recognized and respected. She has now turned her passion and advocacy towards renewable energy for a green planet.

Evi Rofiah : Chief Operations, Indonesia

Evi Rofiah

Chief Operations, Indonesia

Evi has been involved in the international export business since first finishing her Bachelor's Degree in 1999. Two years of corporate experience on the multinational level opened her eyes to potential opportunities for her to "be her own boss.". Evi believes the green movement is a way for people to live happier, healthier, and hopefully longer. She is proud of her Indonesian heritage and has made a lifelong pledge to help develop her home country.



Tatiana Burnaza : Chief Operations, Russia

Tatiana Burnaza

Chief Operations, Russia

Linguist, English and Norwegian translator and interpreter from Russia with years of experience working in both Russian and U.S. energy sectors.



Daria : Correspondent



Analytical articles on cryptocurrency market, ICO-projects and other peculiarities of the decentralised world is Gul'naz strength. Believe in crypto power and blockchain magic, she would like to promote decentralized market through informative, well-researched and engaging content. Her background keeps her engaged in the financial perspective of technology.

Julia : Correspondent



Engaged in energy, sustainability, and environmental issues projects.

HOÀNG CÔNG DUẨN : Chief Operations, Vietnam


Chief Operations, Vietnam

Deenise Glitz : Correspondent, Singapore

Deenise Glitz

Correspondent, Singapore

Deenise is a blogger who enjoys documenting snippets of her lifestyle and thoughts through words and photos. Life has been everchanging for her as she develops new interests in health, fitness and raw food living. But her undying love for music, singing, travelling, beauty and cooking still remains.

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Klaus Cooper : Correspondent, Berlin

Klaus Cooper

Correspondent, Berlin

Architect and DJ from Berlin, inspirational social blogger and correspondent. He is for every bright idea that arises in men's mind, for changes and innovations that can make our life better.

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Janice Liu : Correspondent, Singapore

Janice Liu

Correspondent, Singapore

Janice Liu is a writer, photographer and filmmaker with an educational background in cinematography and law. She has been living in New York and Singapore, and remains captivated by the complexity and character of cities. Her mission is to provide the Ana Shell Fund with extensive coverage of hot-button topics, breaking news, and issues related to our globalized society.



Gul’naz Gumerova : Correspondent

Gul’naz Gumerova


Gul'naz is engaged in analyzing ICO-projects, conduct research, surveys on the crypto market. Currently cover all the peculiarities of the decentralized world. She is a believer in a decentralized markets and passionate in the economics, politics, and philosophy. Gul'naz believes in crypto power and blockchain magic, and that Blockchain will change the fundamental principles of the functioning of the systems that dominate the world right now.

Katie Collom : Correspondent, Singapore

Katie Collom

Correspondent, Singapore

With a B.A. in Asian Cultures and Languages from the University of Texas and a professional performing arts career under her belt, Katie has been spreading her wings through the written word as a writer and blogger for the past few years. She has enjoyed living in different countries in Asia and takes a deep interest in the development of arts and culture in Singapore.



Raymond Tan : Correspondent, Singapore

Raymond Tan

Correspondent, Singapore

Raymond is our correspondent on energy, sustainability, and environmental issues. As well as his passion for environmental issues, he is also interested in films, health, and entertainment. He has had a longstanding passion for language and writing, and also edits a youth magazine in his hometown of Singapore.



Judy Goh : Correspondent, Singapore

Judy Goh

Correspondent, Singapore

After years of guest blogging and writing for school newsletters, Judy started her own collaborative entertainment blog, "Jump Into Limbo," in 2011. She publishes music reviews, interviews and the hottest news from around the world. When she's not sniffing out a good story or researching sustainability issues, you can find her at the National University of Singapore, where she is currently studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science.

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Boon Hoe Chin : Correspondent, Singapore

Boon Hoe Chin

Correspondent, Singapore

Boon is pursuing his MBA from Johnson at Cornell University in New York and has a bachelor degree in computer engineering. He has a passion for human interaction and hopes to positively impact people's lives.



Shirley Tay : Correspondent, Singapore

Shirley Tay

Correspondent, Singapore

Passionate about food, crazy over shopping, eccentric about travel, frenzy over Hello Kitty, that’s Shirley, our correspondent from Singapore!  An ex-Flight Attendant turned Lifestyle Blogger at Luxury Haven, she is also a Trainer in Adult Workplace Literacy. Through years of travelling around the world, she has developed a penchant for good food.

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Ken Hickson : Contributor, correspondent, sustainability advisor

Ken Hickson

Contributor, correspondent, sustainability advisor

Ken Hickson is a lecturer, writer, public affairs specialist, and author of five published works, including “Race for Sustainability” and “The ABC of Carbon: Issues and Opportunities in the Global Climate Change Environment.” As editor of the bi-monthly newsletter ABC Carbon Express for over five years, Hickson produced hundreds of talks, lectures and articles for a global audience. In 2010, he established the Sustain Ability Showcase Asia (SASA), a Singaporean based consultancy business that promotes sustainability in business through events in the community. Hickson has been associated with the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature since the early 1990s, serving as an honorary representative in Singapore and Governor of WWF Australia. More recently, he’s been named Chairman of the Green Purchasing Network Singapore and Regional Director Asia for the Be Sustainable consultancy group. He adds invaluable experience and insight to the Ana Shell team.



Mike Burd : Mechanic, Correspondent

Mike Burd

Mechanic, Correspondent

Experienced mechanic keen on engineering stuff and affordable electricity production. Has a great passion for journalism and sharing his knowledge, thoughts and investigations online.

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Candice : Correspondent, Singapore


Correspondent, Singapore

Graduate of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at NTU, specializing in journalism. Is skilled in writing feature stories and covering different kinds of events in Singapore. Has a wide reporting experience in newspapers, among which are The Straits Times and Nepali Times.

Marc Rosenberg : Correspondent, China

Marc Rosenberg

Correspondent, China

Entrepreneur having business in China in trading field. A talented writer, interested in both music and books. Loves writing poems and lyrics to songs, one of which was recently co-written with Ana Shell. In love with Asia and its culture.

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Jasmine Lam : Correspondent, Singapore

Jasmine Lam

Correspondent, Singapore

Leon Dubois : Correspondent, Hong Kong

Leon Dubois

Correspondent, Hong Kong

French, currently working in Hong-Kong in the beauty sphere, trying himself in social blogging and ready to share with us the last news about HK life.

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Leslie Guidez : Designer, France

Leslie Guidez

Designer, France

Leslie is a French student and graphic designer. Born and raised in Paris, she was first attracted by mechanical engineering but finally decided to make a career of her all-time passion: art and design.



Annabella Chang : Designer

Annabella Chang


Annabella is experienced in corporate branding, gift & premium product designing and packaging.



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