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Binance.US Now Lets Users Buy Cryptocurrency With Debit Cards

November 7, 2019
Customers of the United States-based branch of major crypto exchange Binance, Binance.US, can now purchase cryptocurrencies using their debit cards. In a blog post on Nov. 1, Binance.US announced that the exchange will now offer its customers the possibility to purchase cryptocurrencies with a debit card, joining existing U.S. dollar on-ramp and off-ramps, including the

Can Blockchain Save Malaysian Real Estate?

March 11, 2019
The most important benefits of blockchain technology are its full transparency over all transactions, immutability and being tamper-proof. While not all businesses and industries require such benefits, one industry that is embracing it is the real estate industry in Malaysia. At the recent World Blockchain Summit KL 2019, Elizabeth Siew, an established Malaysian real estate

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2019

March 6, 2019
The Czech Republic will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague March 22, 2019 for the fifth time – the event about blockchain and cryptocurrencies organized by Smile-Expo. The conference will feature blockchain specialists, entrepreneurs, and investors from different countries. Conference topics At the event, experts of leading blockchain companies will discuss global trends of the

Is Money The Next Thing To Be Eaten By Software?

March 1, 2019
Cryptocurrency, when paired with other blockchain functionality, offers the potential to inject new software-driven features into the traditional role of money as a medium of exchange. It could be financially feasible, one day, to code conditions around the exchange of even small amounts of money. When cost plunges this dramatically, it opens up the opportunity

Wills, real estate, escrow top areas to be disrupted by blockchain

February 20, 2019
Will and estates law, real estate law and escrow and holdbacks are some of the areas of law most likely to be disrupted by blockchain, according to Anna Keller, corporate legal counsel at Shopify. Keller was one of several panelists that spoke at the Ontario Bar Association Institute event “Operationalizing Blockchain: Legal Issues and Challenges

Why blockchain will drive the real-estate revolution

January 8, 2019
Advances in blockchain innovation mean that the real estate sector no longer needs to rely on dusty documents and traditional sales processes, because property titles, insurance, ownership transfer and escrow processes are all moving onto the blockchain. While buying a property will not be as quick and easy as buying a book from Amazon, for

How blockchain and smart contracts are transforming the business landscape

January 7, 2019
Over the last several months, blockchain has dominated conversations in the business world. While the talk has largely been on cryptocurrencies till now, the blockchain concept itself has several practical use cases for with massive implications for the global business ecosystem. One of them is the smart contract, a set of sequential codes which can

Sberbank Uses Blockchain to Make 3-Way Repo Deal

December 11, 2018
Sberbank, a state-owned bank, has sealed a repurchase agreement, or repo, with the help of blockchain on Thursday 6, 2018. Now, the combination of DLT and smart contract sets financial contracts very diaphanous and seems to tighten the security for both the financial institution and the customers. The Russian bank declared that, with great involvement

Blockchain diamond exchange goes live in beta

November 29, 2018
TechFinancials a listed fintech software provider of financial solutions including blockchain-based digital assets and traditional financial trading solutions for retail clients, is pleased to announce that the CEDEX blockchain diamond exchange, CEDEX, has gone live in Beta mode, allowing investors to trade diamonds as a financial asset class. TechFinancials has a 2 percent interest and

New blockchain platform for autonomous vehicles

November 21, 2018
Blockchain can assess with the operation of automated vehicles, helping to assess vehicle diagnostics and to gather environmental information, aimed at improving reliability and safety. A new blockchain solution has been announced. The blockchain comes from U.S. company Filament and it is called Blocklet for Trusted Vehicle Applications. The technology is described as the industry’s first end-to-end