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Raising children alone in Asia: the struggle for support and acceptance by state and society

July 9, 2014
2014.07.09 The National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute has recently held the International Conference on Growing Up in One-Parent Families in Asia. The conference brought together over 30 academics and experts to present their papers and ideas about the challenges and complexities of life in a one-parent household in the Asian context. “What we

Gender inequality is costing the global economy trillions of dollars a year

May 21, 2014
2014.05.21 According to a recent UN report, the progress made in the past 20 years towards reducing global poverty is at risk of being reversed because of a failure to combat widening inequality and strengthen women’s rights. The UN’s ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Report, has found that the number of people living in developing countries has