Satoshi Nakamoto

As Twitter Plans to Purge Inactive Crypto Accounts, Community Pushes for Memorialization of One Bitcoin User

December 6, 2019
Bitcoin has been controversial throughout its lifetime, and the anonymity of its creator’s true identity has made the creation of it even more mysterious. With the little that is known about its origins, will Jack Dorsey allow the first mention of Bitcoin to be erased from Twitter’s history in the upcoming username purge? Hal Finney

Craig Wright Has To Appear In Florida Lawsuit Or Be Held In Contempt in Satoshi Saga

June 17, 2019
A Southern District Court of Florida judge ordered Craig Wright to appear in Florida on June 17 or be held in contempt of court. Mr. Wright has to provide a list of all the Bitcoin (BTC) addresses he has owned before December 2013. Craig Wright To Appear In Florida Court Although most of the crypto users and