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Strong action on biofuels – but can anything stop the rise of coal?

June 26, 2014
2014.06.26 There’s both good and bad news coming through this week when it comes to energy news. On the one hand, we have some positive new EU rules on biofuel use; and on the other hand, we have some very bad news about the growing use of coal. Let’s have a look at both of

Top Ten actions for Asia Pacific countries to help counter looming “Climate Departure”

March 25, 2014
2014.03.25 Targets for 20% renewable energy & 20% energy efficiency improvement by 2020 Ten recommended actions on energy, consumption and cities, which highlight the sense of urgency spurred on by “climate departure” impacts on many Asian locations from 2020 onwards, were the outcome of the three day conference last week in Taipei organised by the