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February 26, 2019
14 March 2019 LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA What is Infrachain Summit? Infrachain Summit is a gathering dedicated to blockchain topics where governance meets technology and compliance meets operations. The 2nd edition of this one-day seminar will be held in Ljubljana. It will focus on the governance and compliance aspects of Blockchain without loosing out of sight the

The death of Detroit

April 21, 2014
2014.04.21 The city of Detroit has been seen as many things to many people. A city is such a huge and unknowable entity that every view we take can only be partial, colored by our own political perspective and background. Some of the lenses that have been used to view the wreckage and ruin of

Activate: Singapore 2014 – The impact of technology and digital innovation on today and tomorrow

January 28, 2014
2014.01.28 The Guardian’s Activate series of summits focuses on technology and innovation, and how new developments in the digital arena impact and interact with the wider world. On Friday, January 17, the inaugural South East Asian chapter of the conference, Activate: Singapore 2014, was held at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, attracting over 45 C-level