political stability

This lost generation of young men is threatening global stability

June 3, 2014
2014.06.03 More emerging market turmoil is coming in 2015, according to recent note from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch research. And one likely source of short-term instability in particular is largely underappreciated: a huge male youth boom. There’s a close relationship between surging populations of young men and “revolutions, wars and upheavals,” argue Ajay Kapur, Ritesh Samadhiya, and Umesha

Two-and-a-half theories: Post-democracy in the age of global financial markets

January 7, 2014
2014.01.07 Beyond do-it-yourself politics, short-lived mass protests in the metropolises and a further swelling of the ranks of the popular right, the democratization of democracy is still possible, contends Claus Offe. But not if political life remains locked within the “prison of the market”. In the following, I shall contrast three theoretical approaches to both