Nicolás Maduro

President Maduro’s Christmas Bonus to Venezuelans, Half a Petro Worth of $30

December 26, 2019
The holiday bonus will be given to retirees, public sector workers, and civilians To be eligible for this bonus, people must register on the platform PetroApp first This will bring a “new stage of economic and social protection” – Nicolas Maduro Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is giving away a Christmas bonus of half a Petro

Venezuela Considers Moving its Bitcoin and Ethereum Stash

October 10, 2019
Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro says his country is working on an international and domestic payments system that will make use of cryptocurrencies. The troubled Latin American state has seen trade screech to a halt as United States sanctions continue to bite. International borrowing is up, and the country is having trouble paying back its loans.

The rich elites of Venezuela attempt another coup

April 1, 2014
2014.04.01 With all the recent focus on events in Ukraine, other conflicts around the world have been somewhat overshadowed. This includes the recent protests in Venezuela, where across the country there have been street demonstrations, attacks on government buildings, and attacks on protestors by the police. Where the western media has covered this story at