Marco Polo

Swiss Financial Giant UBS Launches On We.Trade

October 17, 2019
Banking giant operating in Switzerland, UBS has announced it has gone live on its We.Trade blockchain platform for trade finance. The bank also announced that the platform will soon be adopted by other banks that are also members. As per bank’s spokesperson, the giant financial institution went live on from the start of October supporting services to small

Mastercard Joins Blockchain Software Firm R3’s Marco Polo Network

September 10, 2019
American financial services giant Mastercard has joined blockchain software company R3’s Corda-powered Marco Polo Network for trade finance. In a news release published on Sept. 3, Mastercard revealed its participation in the project, a collaboration of R3 and Irish tech company TradeIX that launched in 2017. The initiative provides a multi-asset class platform that offers broker-dealer