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Chaos and capitalism not so good for Iraq

June 24, 2014
2014.06.24 And so it goes: years after George W Bush stood on that battleship and proclaimed Mission Accomplished, Iraq is once more teetering on the edge of a chaos that many hoped was fading. All the attempts at nation-building, at creating a unified police force and army, of building up a native political establishment –

Trash at the top of the World

April 3, 2014
2014.04.03 Every year, the new season for climbing Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, seems to bring a new round of horror stories about what we have done to this majestic mountain. This year is no different. The roof of the world, it seems, has been turned into a trashcan by the constant stream of

Will Scotland go it alone?

March 27, 2014
2014.03.27 The debate around Scottish independence has been heating up in recent weeks, with the vote now only six months away. The latest developments are revolving around politicians from other jurisdictions telling the Scots what they’ll be missing out on if they have the nerve to vote for self-government. All of the three main parties