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Strong action on biofuels – but can anything stop the rise of coal?

June 26, 2014
2014.06.26 There’s both good and bad news coming through this week when it comes to energy news. On the one hand, we have some positive new EU rules on biofuel use; and on the other hand, we have some very bad news about the growing use of coal. Let’s have a look at both of

21st World Petroleum Congress

June 23, 2014
2014.06.23 Between the 15th and 19th June 2014 Moscow played host to the 21st World Petroleum Congress. Energy entrepreneur Ana Shell and representative of NRGLab Pte Ltd were in the city for a business trip at the time, and took the chance to visit this slick and well-organized event. The theme of this year’s event

Energy dependency is a problem for us all, not just Ukraine

June 23, 2014
2014.06.23 The news from Ukraine these days just seems to get worse and worse for the country. Military planes are being shot from the sky by rebels, the eastern half of the country is still trying to secede (despite Russia not being quite so vocally supportive anymore), and the Crimean region seems to have been

The challenges of the LNG industry

May 20, 2014
2014.05.20 With the call towards more sustainable energy sources by activists and environmental watchdogs getting increasingly urgent, there has been a lot of attention given to alternative forms of energy. Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, is one example of a more sustainable form of energy due to its lower carbon emissions. This is natural gas

Are we seriously going to import electricity?

March 26, 2014
2014.03.26 The plan of PT PLN, the state electric company, to import electricity from Malaysia makes us see red. Even though they claim that it is cheaper to import rather than produce it ourselves, this news has broken our heart. Indonesia, as a country, has an abundance of natural resources to produce our own electricity,

I Light Marina Bay shines light on energy sustainability

March 20, 2014
2014.03.20 I Light Marina Bay is a light-art festival dedicated to spreading the message of sustainability. Since 2010, it has transformed the waterfront of Singapore’s financial district into a display of art, technology and information. The 2014 edition of this festival runs from March 7thto 30thand features 28 art installations from both local and international

Deal of the century: buy out the US coal industry for $50bn

March 14, 2014
2014.03.14 Would you make a one time $50 (£31) investment to save $100-500 each year? Sound good? Add nine zeros to each of those numbers. In other words, invest $50bn once over the next decade, and generate $100-$500bn in benefits every year. That’s the surprisingly low price to buy up and shut down all the

12th Annual Coal Markets 2014

March 1, 2014
2014.03.01 Rising coal prices and changing market conditions will spur mining operations in 2014, says energy entrepreneur Ana Shell, who attended the 12th Annual Coal Markets conference ( in Singapore Feb. 25. Securing an adequate coal supply will be a critical challenge facing power companies, while coal suppliers may struggle to meet demand. Representing Ana Shell

Fracking our way to disaster

January 24, 2014
2014.01.24 Recent reports from the US have suggested that water contamination from the new energy technique known as ‘fracking’ might be more common than previously thought. There were complaints of contamination in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, and Ohio. Texas, the state with the most detailed reporting on complaints (which is itself perhaps surprising, considering Pennsylvania’s

Climate losers pole-axed at COP19

January 9, 2014
2014.01.09 Last November saw the latest round of the United Nations climate change negotiations held in Warsaw, Poland – or as the policy people call it, COP19. The news coming out of central Europe is dispiriting to even the most optimistic person – once again there has been no strong agreement on cutting greenhouse gas