Ford Uses Blockchain Tech to Track ‘Green Miles’ Driven By Vehicles

October 21, 2019
The Ford Motor Company is looking into blockchain technology and geofencing to accurately track the number of “green miles” driven by its energy-efficient vehicles. Analyzing real-world benefits of energy-efficient vehicles On Oct. 15, Ford announced that it is expanding its European plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) pilot project to Cologne in Germany. The United States

Volvo Is Using Blockchain to Source Conflict-Free Cobalt for Its Cars

August 12, 2019
Automaker Volvo Cars, owned by Chinese automotive group Geely, has produced electric cars with cobalt mapped on a blockchain, Reuters reports on Aug. 2. Blockchain used to combat child labor Per the report, Volvo also joined a project to monitor cobalt from Democratic Republic of Congo overseen by responsible-sourcing group RCS Global. Information technology outlet

How is the automotive industry embracing blockchain? Five key projects to follow

January 11, 2019
The automotive industry has been quick to enter the blockchain arena – here, we explore five key projects to follow; from in-house initiatives to new partnerships. While blockchain technology has typically been adopted by internet start-ups seeking to disrupt centralized platforms, perhaps one of the most tangible sectors to get a grip on blockchain is