Circle CEO Views Libra As Having “Massive” Impact On Crypto Awareness

July 12, 2019
CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire discussed the current activity taking place within the crypto sphere, with news outlet, Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal and Romaine Bostick on Friday, July 5, 2019. Some of the topics that the discussion was founded on include Facebook’s endeavor, Libra, how Libra is one of two different types of stablecoins and how Facebook’s move could potentially lead

Facebook Hires Standard Chartered Bank’s Head of Public Affairs for Crypto Project

June 21, 2019
Facebook has reportedly hired Standard Chartered Bank’s head of public affairs Ed Bowles for its cryptocurrency project, the Financial Times reports on June 14. Per the report, Facebook hired the senior bank lobbyist in anticipation of the greater regulatory scrutiny in Europe over its plans to launch its own crypto asset and other financial services to its 2.4 billion users. Bowles will join the

Facebook Seeking $1 Bln in Venture Capital for Crypto Project

April 19, 2019
Facebook is reportedly seeking support from various venture capital (VC) firms to develop its supposed digital token, New York Times (NYT) tech reporter Nathaniel Popper tweeted on April 8. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Popper states that Facebook is seeking a $1 billion sum to develop its cryptocurrency project. He states that seeking outside investment could keep the project

Russian Social Media Giant VK Launches ‘Mineable’ VK Coin

April 12, 2019
Russian social media giant Vkontakte (VK) has launched an internal currency, VK Coin, that can be “mined,” local state-owned media outlet Tass reported on April 1. The move follows recent reports this week that VK was launching a bespoke cryptocurrency. The official information provided on VK Coin, however, does not indicate that the coin is based on blockchain technology. It does,

Fake views: How social media bots are distorting the crypto narrative

April 3, 2019
Many in the crypto community have long suspected that engagement on social media is inundated with interactions that are neither organic nor originating from real human activity. Now, new research provides insight into just how far this practice goes. In general, inauthentic accounts on social media typically fall under two categories: fake accounts and bot