Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Leave Libra if It Launched Too Early

November 5, 2019
Facebook could withdraw from the Libra Association — the governing body of the eponymous stablecoin project — should it launch without approval from regulators in the United States. Libra could lose its primary member In a Congressional hearing on Oct. 23, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg reiterated the company’s commitment to not launch its

Rep. Warren Davidson: You Have to Defend Money to Defend Freedom

November 4, 2019
In an interview with Cointelegraph on Friday, Oct. 18, United States Representative Warren Davidson gave his thoughts on the Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) flawed approach to regulating digital assets as well as Mark Zuckerberg’s upcoming Oct. 23 testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. Congressman Davidson (R-OH) is a figure familiar to many in the

Minister Says India, Like Other Nations, Extremely Cautious on Libra

October 28, 2019
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that India — like many others, in his view — is showing a high degree of caution in regard to Facebook’s Libra. During last week’s 2019 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington, D.C. — which included a discussion of the Libra project

Leak of Facebook’s Internal Q&A Sessions Reveal Early Strategy for Libra

October 8, 2019
Newly leaked audio from Q&A sessions between Facebook’s CEO and employees has revealed Facebook’s early strategy for Libra’s launch. On Oct. 1, tech news site The Verge published audio and text from two internal meetings held at Facebook in July. Along with major topics such as Facebook’s potential breakup by regulators, Mark Zuckerberg devoted a

US House Committee Hearing With the SEC on Libra, Crypto and Securities

October 1, 2019
In advance: As Cointelegraph reported on Sept. 20, the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee is holding a hearing today, Sept. 24, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton and four other SEC commissioners. At the time of the announcement, the published agenda included such critical topics for Cointelegraph’s readers

Libra Does Not Threaten Sovereignty of Nations, Says Calibra CEO

September 30, 2019
CEO of Calibra, Facebook’s digital wallet for its proposed Libra stablecoin, has attempted to debunk the notion of Libra’s threat to the global financial system. Not new money but a better payment network Amid the ongoing meeting between Libra founders and 26 global central banks in Basel, Calibra CEO David Marcus has stepped up to

IBM Open to Collaboration with Facebook on Libra Project

September 26, 2019
Libra is a Form of Asset Tokenization IBM Endorses Blockchain, Not Bitcoin IBM is open to collaborating with the Libra project by Facebook, said Jason Kelley, IBM general manager of blockchain services. Kelley believes blockchain is about collaboration between projects, he commented in a CNBC interview. IBM is one of the largest companies dedicated to exploring blockchain

Libra Association Seeks Swiss Payments License for Stablecoin

September 16, 2019
The Libra Association, or which Facebook is a member, is seeking a payment system license under Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) for its planned stablecoin project, Reuters reported on Sept. 11. “Regulated, low-friction, high-security” blockchain payments In an official statement today, the Switzerland-registered Libra Association — a not-for-profit membership organization established to govern the

Former US Congressman Calls for Nuanced Cryptocurrency Regulations

September 16, 2019
Former United States Representative Harold J. Ford has argued that Congress should have a nuanced approach to regulating cryptocurrencies. In an article published on CNBC on Sept. 5, Ford said that lawmakers and regulators should develop clear regulations toward digital currencies. He noted a comment from Chris Larsen, the executive chairman and co-founder of blockchain

Telegram Vs. Facebook: The Ultimate Showdown for Crypto Supremacy

August 16, 2019
Last month, Facebook rocked the world with its blockbuster Libra announcement. Even a year ago, the idea that an iconic United States company would launch a digital currency or that a sitting president would tweet about it seemed insane. Welcome to the new normal. The Libra announcement sent politicians scrambling, hit the mainstream media like a hurricane,