European Union

European Union Allows More Data for Blockchain and AI Projects

June 14, 2019
According to a news release from June 6, the European Union has decided to increase the amount of data it allows for blockchain and artificial intelligence projects. The goal for this move is to see an improvement in the economy and to stimulate growth while increasing the viability of a society which is data based.

Electronics Recycling Asia 2015

November 24, 2015
2015.11.24 The Electronics Recycling Asia 2015 conference, organised by the World Recycling Forum (WRF), took place on November 10-13 in the scenic surroundings of the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, where the presidents of China and Taiwan had shaken hands at the very same location just a few days earlier. Although the number of participants in the

Water conflict threatens to boil over

May 27, 2014
2014.05.27 Tension in the South China Sea, which has been bubbling away fairly quietly for some time, has threatened to boil over in the past few weeks. The problems are being caused, as they always are, by issues of resource management and ownership, particularly related to that still absurdly popular fuel source, crude oil. Specifically,

Blue skies ahead for greener flights?

March 11, 2014
2014.03.11 Aviation Industry Starts to Get its Environmental Impact Act Together High flying jets and aerobatic propeller aircraft noisily burned up the fuel giving thousands of spectators a thrill in the air and on the ground at last month’s Singapore Airshow. Some of the exhibitors of very expensive hardware for commercial and military purposes were showing

Japan first country to pay for Iranian crude following interim deal

February 12, 2014
2014.02.12 According to a Reuters exclusive, Japan became the first country to pay for crude imports under the interim nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 which allows for limited sanctions relief. The deal went into effect in late January 2013 and will continue for a period of six months during which time Iran and the P5+1

Floods of immigration? Or just a wave of lies?

January 16, 2014
2014.01.16 The weeks leading up to 2014 saw British newspapers full of stories about Romania and Bulgaria, places that the same newspapers would usually dismiss as ‘little’ countries that aren’t worth bothering about. So why the sudden interest? Because on January 1st 2014, Romanians and Bulgarians became eligible to work in the UK (and the rest

Deflation shock coming? Or QE Euphoria?

January 13, 2014
2014.01.13 Taki Tsaklanos over at GoldSilverWorlds has reprinted a series of charts from Incrementum Lichtenstein that show a reversal in several big trends. Here are a couple of them, followed by some other supporting material. First, US banks have not only failed to return to their pre-2008 pace of lending, but the loan growth rate is now falling back

A future made in Europe

January 6, 2014
2014.01.06 Over the last three years, the European Union, faced with the imperative of calming roiled markets and laying the foundations for a sound recovery, has concentrated largely on financial stability and reducing fiscal deficits and debt. Now, with financial tensions easing and confidence returning, Europe’s leaders should shift their focus in 2014 back to

Currencies, geopolitics, real estate, finance… 2014: the “big American retreat”

December 31, 2013
2013.12.31 2013 is coming to an end on a world-before totally broken apart; 2014 will be merciless for this world of which only ruins will remain. But “we can also build something good with the stones that block the path” and, in this chaos, the world-after has already taken its first steps […] Whether it

A very Cold War in Ukraine

December 21, 2013
2013.12.21 As the winter cold settles in over Kiev, the protests and counter-protests in Ukraine continue. One side of the country wants to move closer to European Union integration, the other side wants to be closer to the old master, Russia. The protests are becoming increasingly volatile, as pro-Russian protesters from the east have arrived