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Blockchain Technology Will Transform the Power Industry

January 2, 2019
What began in the world of finance has moved into the power sector. Blockchain, a nascent technology most often associated with cryptocurrency, is a new frontier in the energy space, changing the way power is traded, with new business models for peer-to-peer and wholesale transactions, and a growing number of projects worldwide. The power industry

Energy Blockchain Hackathon

November 14, 2018
December 3rd – 5th 2018, Bern- Switzerland Swisspower And The Energy Web Foundation Will Host Switzerland’s First Hackathon Focused On Blockchain-Solutions For The Energy Sector. Blockchain technology has the potential to accelerate the transition towards a cleaner, more resilient, and more cost effective energy system. By hosting a hackathon, Swisspower and EWF aim to find

The most profitable gas in the World

April 2, 2014
2014.02.04 There is only one certainty in Ukraine: The energy sector must and will be transformed, and how long this takes will depend on who ends up in the driver’s seat and how serious they are about becoming a part of Europe and reducing dependence on Russia. But by then, investors will have missed the