Electronics Recycling Asia 2015

November 24, 2015
2015.11.24 The Electronics Recycling Asia 2015 conference, organised by the World Recycling Forum (WRF), took place on November 10-13 in the scenic surroundings of the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, where the presidents of China and Taiwan had shaken hands at the very same location just a few days earlier. Although the number of participants in the

Recycling electronics: the key to combating climate change in the 21st Century

November 25, 2013
2013.11.25 Waste is an inevitable and almost integral part of our society. With technological advancement, especially in urban cities, and the fast-paced development of new electronics, we consume large amounts of electronics in our everyday lives. And that’s just consumption. The short lifespan of electronic equipment, coupled with the constant advancement of software and hardware,