Doug Carrillo

UK Based Alternative Airlines And Utrust Partner To Allow Travelers To Book Flights With Crypto

November 22, 2019
Alternative Airlines, a U.K based travel agency has partnered with Utrust, a digital payments processor to facilitate crypto payments to more than 600 airlines. Utrust which is swiss based recently announced its new collaboration with Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines hogged the limelight when it was included among the 100 Fast Airlines Tech in 2019. Thanks

New Bitcoin ATM Location Pops Up in Miami International Airport by Bitstop

October 23, 2019
Bitstop has recently installed a Bitcoin (BTC) ATM machine on the Miami International Airport. This marks an important milestone as the airport has never had such a machine before, despite how common they are found across the U.S. According to the company, this was a strategic location to set up a BTC ATM. This is one of