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Gender issues and sustainable development: we need to pay more attention

July 16, 2014
2014.07.16 The term ‘sustainable development’ was first used by the Brundtland Commission in its 1987 report Our Common Future. It defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Two factors critical to sustainable development are access, at reasonable coats,

Women and the world economy

June 24, 2014
2014.06.24 In many countries, public debate about gender equality focuses mainly on women’s access to oppositions and high-powered career opportunities. But the “glass ceiling” is only a small part of the issue. The broader question is whether women have the same opportunities as men to participate in labor markets in the first place. In other

Economic slavery, as pushed by the west

June 20, 2014
2014.06.20 A new report from the International Labor Organization has found that the proceeds from ‘forced labor’ amount to as much as $150 billion dollars per year worldwide. To give you an idea of just how much money that is, if the people benefiting from this forced labor were to form their own country, they

How tobacco industry players veil child labour, smuggling as CSR

May 28, 2014
2014.05.28 More than half a century after scientists uncovered the link between smoking and cancer, triggering a war between health campaigners and the cigarette industry, big tobacco companies in developing countries are still thriving in the trade. Despite the known effects on the health of smokers, and child labour in tobacco farms, profits from these

Gender inequality is costing the global economy trillions of dollars a year

May 21, 2014
2014.05.21 According to a recent UN report, the progress made in the past 20 years towards reducing global poverty is at risk of being reversed because of a failure to combat widening inequality and strengthen women’s rights. The UN’s ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Report, has found that the number of people living in developing countries has

Politics-proof economies?

March 26, 2014
2014.03.26 Governments’ inability to act decisively to address their economies’ growth, employment, and distributional challenges has emerged as a major source of concern almost everywhere. In the United States, in particular, political polarization, congressional gridlock, and irresponsible grandstanding have garnered much attention, with many worries about the economic consequences. But, as a recent analysis has shown, there

The end of Bitcoin?

March 6, 2014
2014.03.06 Last week, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the internet, Mt. Gox, announced that it was filing for bankruptcy. A week before that, it had been a repository for over $400 million worth of the digital currency, and now it was down to nothing. Mt. Gox blamed a ‘hacking’ attack for the loss