Foundation Uses Blockchain and Crypto to Help Save the Brazilian Amazon

September 10, 2019
Rainforest Foundation US is a New York-based, non-profit NGO working in Central and South America, which is now hoping to support anti-deforestation efforts with crypto and blockchain tech. Deforestation and fires in the Brazilian Amazon On Sept. 4, the Rainforest Foundation — which was founded in part by musician Sting — reached out to the crypto and

Killing orangutans and speeding up climate change – all for a little palm oil profit

December 16, 2013
2013.12.16 What do a chocolate bar, a tub of beauty cream, and a gas station have in common? The answer, surprisingly enough, is deforestation and the gradual extinction of orangutan species. All of them increasingly use a product called palm oil, which is grown in the hot and humid tropical regions of Malaysia and Indonesia.