Biggest Ponzi Scheme PlusToken Moves $105 Million Worth of Ethereum

December 30, 2019
Ethereum price trading at Dec. 2018 level Now, PlusToken moving 789,525 Ether has the market in fear of an upcoming selling pressure However, Ethereum DeFi’s user numbers rose by a whopping 529% this year The biggest $3 billion Chinese-Ponzi scheme PlusToken might be the reason behind the 50% drop in Bitcoin price from its 2019

Using Blockchain for Decentralized Finance and Credit

June 7, 2019
The idea of decentralizing finance is appealing to more people because it becomes more transparent and available to more people. Blockchain technology has come a long way with remittances and investments, but a promising area is in lending and credit. More loans can be made available to a wider range of borrowers because blockchain is