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Digibyte (DGB) Still Tradeable on Poloniex Exchange Days After Threatening To Delist It

December 24, 2019
Days after Poloniex announced it was going to delist Digibyte (DGB) following its founder’s criticism of of TRON’s Justin Sun as well as Binance, the crypto is still tradable in the crypto exchange platform. According to Beincrypto, Poloniex had announced its intention to buy Tron but later removed the announcement from its Twitter account. The crypto exchange

Blockchain Capital’s 12 Bold Predictions For 2020: Number 7 is Controversial But Inevitable

December 23, 2019
Bitcoin will blow past $20,000 but McAfee will eat his own… 2019 is coming to an end and Bitcoin price is currently trading at $7,265, down 63% from its all-time high of $20,000. But according to Blockchain Capital’s bold predictions for next year, Bitcoin could very well make a new ATH. But that doesn’t mean we will

Ripple’s Real-Time Settlement Tech Gets Recognition by US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

December 23, 2019
Ripple (XRP), which is a real-time gross settlement system and currency exchange network known for its use in cross-border payments was recently mentioned in an official US CFPB document. Most of the content in this document was based on changes and the future of remittance markets. This is the first time in its existence that

Massive Lawsuit Brought Against Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by PayPal

December 23, 2019
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, especially for the financial industry. However, regulators seem unable to keep up with the changes, and PayPal is passionate about setting the story straight, if their recent lawsuit against the CFPB is any indication. PayPal says that the regulations implemented by the CFPB force them to make “misleading

Hackers Take Over Amazon Ring Camera, Demanding 50 Bitcoin Ransom While Setting Off the Alarm

December 20, 2019
Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace, but no change comes without a few initial problems. It seems that hackers have found a weak spot in the digital armor of a Ring home security company, as they went after a couple for 50 Bitcoin, stating that they would be “terminated.” The hackers infiltrated the

Riksbank Partners with Accenture for Digital Currency in Sweden

December 20, 2019
Sweden now joins the ranks of countries adding digital currency for payments. Riksbank, the regulator for Sweden, has announced a partnership with Accenture for the e-krona digital currency. Accenture will develop the UI features for e-krona in 2020. Riksbank may be working with Accenture for up to seven years, which is the scheduled testing period

Hacked & Now-Defunct Crypto Exchange Cryptopia’s Liquidators Recover $10.9 Million

December 19, 2019
Now-defunct New Zealand-based crypto exchange Crypotpia that was hacked in January 2019 for about $16 million has now retrieved $7.2 million. New Zealand-based crypto exchange’s liquidators’ make progress $7.1 million can be potentially be refunded to users Liquidators Grant Thornton has a high court hearing in February 2020 Cryptopia’s assigned liquidator, accounting firm Grant Thornton

Kraken Security Labs Discovers ShapeShift’s KeepKey Crypto Wallet Can Be Hacked Easily For $75

December 19, 2019
KeepKey hardware wallets are affected by a flaw that would make them vulnerable to attacks if a hacker has access to the device for around 15 minutes. This is according to a recent report released by Kraken Security Labs and published in a blog post on December 10. KeepKey Crypto Hardware Wallet Affected By Flaw

66% Of Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Is Controlled By China, 54% Coming From A Single Province

December 18, 2019
The hash rate of Bitcoin, which is the processing power of the network, is reportedly controlled by China by an overwhelming majority, according to CoinShares. What else did this firm discover with their tracking of the Bitcoin’s network? Of all of the Bitcoin network’s processing power, China controls 66% of it. CoinShares has been tracking

Stellar, Keybase Terminate Remainder Of 2 Billion XLM Airdrop Citing Too Many Fake Accounts

December 18, 2019
Stellar and Keybase recently announced that the ongoing 2 billion Lumen airdrop will be terminated as from mid-December. This is in the wake of fake accounts which have flocked the Keybase platform to obtain a larger chunk of the airdrop. According to a blog post by Keybase, the final 100 million Lumens will be released to