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Transaction Fee Mining Exchanges Are Decreasing, Says CryptoCompare

December 9, 2019
Transaction fee mining is a despicable process to traders in the crypto community, and the exchanges that use these protocols was just under $200 billion in trade volume last month. However, recent reports from CryptoCompare suggest that the volume is starting to decline for these exchanges. The community involved in the crypto industry don’t typically

Aluminum Plant Gone Bitcoin Mining Center: Bitriver Deemed the Largest Data Center in Russia

December 4, 2019
City of Bratsk in Russia is home to one of the biggest bitcoin mining facilities in the world and has attracted clients globally as Bitriver turns water into electricity to mine cryptos. Opened a year ago, Bitriver is recognized as one of the largest Bitcoin mining facilities in Russia. As per news outlet, Bloomberg, the

Northern Bitcoin AG Enters Merger with Whinstone Group to Build Massive Bitcoin Mining Farm

November 27, 2019
Northern Bitcoin AG and Whinstone US, Inc. merger partnership hopes to build the world’s biggest bitcoin mining facility in Texas on over 100 acres with a capacity of one gigawatt of power. The merger will allow the companies to create the largest Bitcoin mining facility in Texas. As a joint company, Whinstone and Norther Bitcoin

Research from University of New Mexico Indicates Mining Bitcoin Damages Climate

November 22, 2019
According to research conducted by the University of New Mexico, mining Bitcoin could cause damage to the climate and to people’s health. Special mining machines have developed over time. Research indicates they consume about 0.25 percent of the electricity in the world with the US and China leading the way. For every dollar or revenue

Bitcoin Project Leads Wired’s Lisa Barnard to Explore Genesis Mining Facility in Iceland

November 11, 2019
When it comes to the cryptocurrency industry, most people think of the transactions and the rise and fall of prices. However, Lisa Barnard decided to learn more about the facilities that help to keep it afloat at a Genesis Mining facility in Iceland, as well as a geothermal power station called Svartsengi. Lisa Barnard visited

Livepeer Wants to Make GPU Mining Profitable Again, Plans Release of New Methods to Earn Crypto

November 6, 2019
Livepeer decentralized blockchain video streamer releases new Streamflow testnet, to help idle PC chips, start earning cryptocurrency with their graphic processing units. GPU miners, often forgotten by most companies, could find a new way to earn cryptocurrencies soon. Livepeer, a prominent decentralized video streaming platform, is ready to debut its newest product, which is said

North America’s Largest Solar Bitcoin Mining Farm Coming to California

July 4, 2019
California-based mining company Plouton Mining will build North America’s largest solar-powered bitcoin mining farm, the company confirmed in a press release on June 25. Plouton, which is a subsidiary of Plouton Group Holding, says the site in Western Mojave will feature around 49 acres of solar panels generating 10-13 megawatts of electricity daily. The location was chosen due to its high