US Senate Crypto Hearing Key Takeaways: Blockchain Is ‘Inevitable’

August 7, 2019
On July 30, the United States Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hosted a hearing on cryptocurrencies in a regulatory context. Lawmakers are showing renewed interest in digital currencies against the backdrop of Facebook’s crypto odyssey: This week’s testimony followed two Libra-focused hearings, which were held in Congress earlier in the month. Indeed, while

Gab’s Crowdfunding Campaign Hopes to Raise $10M to Use Bitcoin and ‘Decentralize Dissent’

July 9, 2019
The free-speech maximalist website is decentralizing. In fact, it has just placed a bid to amass $10 million in crowdfunding. The platform aspires to get the entire amount in a Series A crowdfunding round in an attempt to decentralize its framework and fully leverage Lightning Network in its operations. The platform first hopes to revolutionize its current

Bitcoin Ban In India Will Lead To An Increased Money Laundering

June 17, 2019
“Ban crypto to promote money laundering; Regulate crypto to prevent money laundering.” Nischal Shetty, the CEO of WazirX and one of the biggest voice for the pro-crypto movement in India said. This is a simple rule that history is a witness of. Not only with crypto, with anything. However, the Indian government doesn’t seem to understand this.

Electronics Recycling Asia 2015

November 24, 2015
2015.11.24 The Electronics Recycling Asia 2015 conference, organised by the World Recycling Forum (WRF), took place on November 10-13 in the scenic surroundings of the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, where the presidents of China and Taiwan had shaken hands at the very same location just a few days earlier. Although the number of participants in the