TikTok Proprietor and Dongfang Newspaper Team Up for Blockchain and AI Business Model

December 20, 2019
ByteDance, the parent company of the social media platform, TikTok, has partnered with Dongfang Newspaper, a Chinese state-owned media company. The two will develop business models based on blockchain along with artificial intelligence. ByteDance has a 49 percent share of the company while Dongfang has 51 percent. TikTok has around 500 million active users. The

Waves blockchain used to track Russian energy consumption

December 19, 2019
The pilot program is already being used by 400 homes and may expand nationwide in the coming years.   A Russian power grid company is piloting a blockchain-based system that’ll automate electricity metering. Those behind the pilot, so far implemented in 400 homes in the Kaliningrad and Sverdlovsk regions, are planning on expanding the pilot to serve

Bitfury Makes Strategic Investment In Shyft Network’s FATF Travel Rule Compliance System

December 18, 2019
Bitfury has recently acquired Shyft Network, a company that is working on decentralized identity solutions that would help the firms develop a data transfer product. Specifically, Bitfury is going to be investing in the travel rule solution that complies with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and its legal framework. Bitfury Invests In Shyft Network According to

Nike Jumps in Feet First to Blockchain Tech With Patented CryptoKicks Using Ethereum

December 18, 2019
Every industry is seeking ways to bring in blockchain technology while it is still new and in development. Nike, known for their footwear, has decided to get involved as well, offering a way to digitally verify that customers have authentic footwear from their brand, all thanks to a new digital asset, CryptoKick, they’ve patented. There

Japanese Electric Co, KEPCO Extends Power Ledger’s Blockchain-Based Energy Trading Pilot

December 17, 2019
Kansai Electric Power (KEPCO) is moving forward with a blockchain-based renewable energy trading platform trial. In order to do so, the company is working side by side with the blockchain-related company Power Ledger. The information was released by the company in a press release shared on December 9. KEPCO Moves Forward With Its Blockchain Trial As

Lithuanian Central Bank Launches A Digital Currency

December 17, 2019
Blockchain technology is growing by the day, and there are countries around the world seeking out use cases. Not to be left behind, the Bank of Lithuania has decided to develop a collectors’ coin with the fintech, honoring their Act of Independence. The new coin will be worth 19.18 euros, in honor of the passing

20 Billion Yuan Issued by Bank of China in Blockchain-Based Bonds for Smaller Businesses

December 16, 2019
The world has its eyes on blockchain technology, looking for ways to integrate this growing technology into use cases that fit various industries. The banking industry has already sunk its teeth into this fintech, and commercial financial institutions – like the Bank of China – are using it to create opportunities for small businesses and

SpaceChain’s New Milestone: First-Ever Demo of Blockchain Tech on the International Space Station

December 16, 2019
On Monday, December 5, 2019, community-based space and blockchain-focused platform, SpaceChain sent its blockchain hardware wallet technology to the International Space Station (ISS). As per the press release, this endeavor is the first ever ISS demonstration to date and was achieved as part of the CRS-19 commercial resupply service mission. This is definitely a milestone for SpaceChain,

Blockchain Supply Tracking Platform WaltonChain (WTC) Announces Current CEO Stepping Down

December 13, 2019
WaltonChain has held a relatively quiet spot in cryptocurrency space since its ICO in 2017. Pushing continually for the advancement of blockchain technology, the platform decided to make a few changes to leadership, bidding the former CEO a fond farewell. However, the new CEO brings a fresh perspective on the business scene in South Korea

New Service Launched for Government and Corporations with Enterprise Blockchain

December 13, 2019
Bitfury has launched a new blockchain product designed specifically for corporations and governments. As a leader in Bitcoin mining, Bitfury made the announcement for the release of Exonum Enterprise. The purpose of this release is to facilitate private blockchains. Exonum Enterprise is an improvement over Exonum, which is a Blockchain as a Service first launched