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JPMorgan Tests Blockchain Solution To Track Automobile Inventory

December 2, 2019
JPMorgan is testing a new blockchain solution that it would allow it to track auto dealer inventory. In this way, it would be possible for companies to avoid linking the same cars for different loans. The information was unveiled in a recent patent filed by the car financing arm. JPMorgan Develops Blockchain Solution For The

United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health Launches Blockchain System

September 23, 2019
United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched a blockchain system for recording and sharing healthcare data. The official news agency of the UAE reported the development on Sept. 18, noting that the system aims to improve data integrity. A healthcare data sharing solution Per the report, the platform will “save

Insurance Giant Allianz Is Working on a Token-Based Blockchain Ecosystem

August 13, 2019
German financial services giant Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE (AGCS) is developing a blockchain-based ecosystem to facilitate cross-border insurance payments for its corporate customers. Experimentations with blockchain technology Allianz is working on a token-based blockchain system, expecting it to streamline international insurance payments for its corporate customers, Forbes reported on Aug. 8. An Allianz

Supreme Court judge: “Peru Should Introduce Cryptocurrency Regulations In The Country”

August 1, 2019
In the past decade, most governments and financial authorities have not taken any steps towards cryptocurrency regulation in their respective jurisdictions. This in turn is causing a menace as cryptocurrencies are used for money laundering and financing other illegal activities. However, since the boom in 2017, countries have taken a more pro-active approach in regulating the field while some,

HashCash unveils blockchain gaming platform for the UK market

January 3, 2019
California-based HashCash Consultants LLC, a blockchain distributed ledger consulting company, announced today that the company will bring its blockchain-based gaming platform into the United Kingdom video game market. The platform provides a blockchain system that enables video game developers to issue trustworthy digital currencies and track in-game items within a secure ecosystem. This makes it

Real estate title insurance blockchain launched by First American

November 30, 2018
Yesterday First American Financial announced the launch of a blockchain system for the real estate title production process. It’s common for title insurance underwriters to share policy information between themselves. The new platform aims to enable the exchange of previous title insurance policies between underwriters that are participating in the system. First American is one

South Korea launches new trade bill and electoral blockchain

November 30, 2018
Seoul launches crypto-friendly bill trade bill that provides definition of ‘online money’ while government also works on a blockchain voting system. Lawmakers in South Korea are reportedly introducing a crypto-friendly bill that will promote trading and exchange development while the government is working on a blockchain platform for voters. The bill proposes the establishment of

Startup introduces blockchain-based property transaction platform

November 29, 2018
A Philadelphia-based startup, Kognition, has launched what it has dubbed as the “world’s first open network and open economy for smart property” to create a real-time stream of opportunities to generate revenue, reduce risk, optimize performance and drive ROI. The blockchain-based effort is called Koin. Koin is designed to facilitate a “synergistic” relationship between smart