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MUFG Denies Reports That It Will Develop A Digital Currency With Indeed And Glassdoor Owner Recruit

December 12, 2019
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Bank (MUFG) has released a statement saying that while it has agreed to collaborate with Recruit, the details of the joint project have not yet been made public. MUFG is Japan’s largest bank and the 5th in the world. The rumors that it may launch a new digital currency in Japan have been

Tribe Accelerator, Supported by Singaporean Govt, Allocates $16 Million for Blockchain Startups

December 12, 2019
Tribe Accelerator was supported by the government of Singapore via Enterprise Singapore and they are in the news once again. Tribe was able to successfully raise an extra $16 million (21.5 million Singapore dollars). The fund is for blockchain startups that have been seen as active. Brilliant Moves The funds specifically are for a set

World Trade Organization (WTO) Eyes Blockchain Advantages in Multiple Use Cases

December 11, 2019
In spite of several countries embracing blockchain technology, many of them continue to express their skepticism for anything crypto-related. WTO (World Trade Organization) the intergovernmental organization that is tasked with formulating rules to govern global trade are among the few world bodies to showcase their appreciation for this technology. Now happening: Global Trade & #Blockchain

NVIDIA’s New Clara Federated Learning Platform Uses Blockchain and AI for the Healthcare Sector

December 11, 2019
NVIDIA, the systems and GPU chips manufacturer has introduced a new AI and blockchain-based computing platform that will make it possible for healthcare providers to reduce the analyses of multifarious Three-dimension models to a few minutes from the many hours it previously took. Referred to as Clara Federated Learning, this intelligent edge platform is expected

Will Japan Be The Next Country To Launch A Central Bank Digital Currency?

December 10, 2019
A financial research institute has released a statement on legal proceedings following a digital currency for the Central Bank. Numerous countries are working towards having and using digital currencies. Japan seems to be the latest nation to jump on the wagon. Even though Bank of Japan Deputy Governor said earlier this year that there were no

Central Bank of Sri Lanka Seeks Proof of Concept For Blockchain-Based KYC Platform

December 10, 2019
Sri Lanka’s Central Bank has launched a proposal to develop a know-your-customer (KYC) platform based on blockchain. The Central Bank posted the announcement on their website, on November 29. The announcement says the bank is looking for tech companies that are up for building a proof-of-concept and shared KYC system in the banking sector. The

IBM Patents IoT Tracking On Blockchain To Prevent Package Stealing Drones

December 9, 2019
The technology giant IBM has recently been awarded a new patent. While companies such as Amazon and FedEx are working on drones that can quickly deliver packages, IBM is going through another route and looking for ways to prevent drones from actually stealing these packages when they are being sent to destinations. IBM envisioned two modern

Transaction Fee Mining Exchanges Are Decreasing, Says CryptoCompare

December 9, 2019
Transaction fee mining is a despicable process to traders in the crypto community, and the exchanges that use these protocols was just under $200 billion in trade volume last month. However, recent reports from CryptoCompare suggest that the volume is starting to decline for these exchanges. The community involved in the crypto industry don’t typically

Blockchain Could Save The Food Industry $31B By 2024 By Eliminating Supply Chain Related Fraud

December 9, 2019
A recent study done by Juniper Research on how blockchain and Internet of Things could transform global supply chains has shown that they can save the food industry up to $31 billion lost in fraud. Blockchain Tech has proven to be a good tracker in supply ecosystems as well as an efficient network for verification.

Cisco Receives Patent for Using Blockchain to Secure Data with 5G

December 6, 2019
Cisco received a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent provides information on how to use blockchain to secure data on 5G networks. A platform for blockchain can integrate wireless networks. Cisco will manage the data between the virtual network and a user’s device. Other companies are also using blockchain technology with