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Fed: ‘We Recognize The Power Of Technology And Innovation To Transform The Financial System’

December 30, 2019
An US Federal Reserve official who’s in the board of governors thinks one in four people making Bitcoin (BTC) transactions are doing something illegal. At a panel speech that honored Benoît Coeuré, one of Europe Central Bank’s (ECB) executives, Lael Brainard talked about how she sees the risks cryptocurrencies are posing. Brainard Thinks Crypto Exchange

Ernst & Young’s ERC-20 Token and Smart Contract Analyzer Available For Public Testing

December 27, 2019
Accountancy company Ernst&Young (EY) has made its smart contract and token service available in open beta. The beta version for the public has been launched on Wednesday. It allows users to put in code for an analysis, while security risks are being identified by testing how efficient and functional a smart contract is. The coding’s quality is

Alchemy Raises $15M to Expand its Blockchain Dev Tool Kit From Stanford, Coinbase, And Samsung

December 26, 2019
Alchemy, one of the fastest growing blockchain oriented startups, recently held its Series A funding and managed to raise $15 million. This is a big milestone for the blockchain infrastructure provider in an era where most crypto oriented firms are opting to outsource FinTech development. The San Francisco based company provides a decentralized architecture that

President Maduro’s Christmas Bonus to Venezuelans, Half a Petro Worth of $30

December 26, 2019
The holiday bonus will be given to retirees, public sector workers, and civilians To be eligible for this bonus, people must register on the platform PetroApp first This will bring a “new stage of economic and social protection” – Nicolas Maduro Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is giving away a Christmas bonus of half a Petro

New Zealand BANK ASB Participates In $1.7 Million Seed Funding Round For Startup TradeWindow

December 25, 2019
The New Zealand Bank ASB participated in a $1.7 million seed funding round for a blockchain company called TradeWindow. The information was released on Monday by TradeWindow in a press release in which they informed that they are also planning a commercial launch in the near future. TradeWindow Raises $1.7 Million In Funding Round As

CULedger Partners With Three US Credit Unions To Successfully Complete Trials For Blockchain Identity Solutions

December 25, 2019
CULedger has successfully completed a trial phase of a blockchain identity solution with three US-based credit unions, Cointelegraph reports. In a statement released by CUledger, the three credit unions which comprise of TruWest Credit Union, Unify Credit Union and Desert Financial Credit Union were all successful in implementing the MyCUID identity solution within their call centers.

R3 Closes ‘Largest’ Trade Finance Blockchain Pilot Ever, Involving 70+ Global Organizations

December 24, 2019
Enterprise blockchain giant R3 has announced the completion of a trial of a trade finance network dubbed Marco Polo Network, terming it the biggest financial trial ever. According to CoinDesk, the piloting involved over 70 firms coming from 25 nations. More than 340 representatives from the participating organizations took part in the trials and were

Blockchain Capital’s 12 Bold Predictions For 2020: Number 7 is Controversial But Inevitable

December 23, 2019
Bitcoin will blow past $20,000 but McAfee will eat his own… 2019 is coming to an end and Bitcoin price is currently trading at $7,265, down 63% from its all-time high of $20,000. But according to Blockchain Capital’s bold predictions for next year, Bitcoin could very well make a new ATH. But that doesn’t mean we will

US 2nd Largest Health Insurance Firm, Anthem, To Roll Out Medical Data On Blockchain in 2020

December 23, 2019
Blockchain adoption in the healthcare industry is marking yet another major milestone after Anthem, a U.S based Insurance giant, announced they will implement the tech for data security. The health insurance firm intends to store and secure the data of its 40 million clients in a permissioned digital ledger over the next three years. According

$980 Billion Dutch Banking Giant, ING, To Step Into Cryptocurrency Custody Game

December 20, 2019
Blockchain technology has become a highly coveted innovation that many banks and other financial institutions have expressed interest in using, both for cryptocurrency and other purposes. However, many of these projects seem to get stuck where they are, could ING’s new initiative take a different path for institutional investors? Many blockchain technology initiatives by financial