Bithumb Chain is Releasing a New ‘Exchange-as-a-Service’ to Allow Users to Create DeFi Apps

November 14, 2019
Bithumb’s new blockchain platform, Bithumb Chain, is launching a new exchange-as-a-service platform that enables users to create their own decentralized exchanges and develop DeFi applications. Bithumb, a prominent South Korean crypto exchange, has recently announced its new “exchange-as-a-service” platform, which is powered by the company’s own blockchain tech, Bithumb Chain. The product was announced this

UN Report: South Korea Hardest Hit By North Korean Cyber Attacks

August 15, 2019
The United Nations is investigating 35 North Korean cyberattacks across 17 countries, according to a report published Aug. 13 by the AP. This follows last week’s leaked summary of the report, stating that $2 billion had been hacked by the nation thus far to fund weapons programs. The majority of incidents being probed were carried

5 South Korean Crypto Exchanges Take On New Responsibility for User Losses

June 24, 2019
Five cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have increased their liability to users in line with demands from regulators. Local English-language news outlet The Korea Herald reported the news on June 17, citing Yonhap News Agency. A year after the Fair Trade Commission requested Bithumb and four other platforms to adapt their policy, the companies will now hold themselves accountable in the event of

South Korea’s Bithumb Becomes World’s Largest Crypto Exchange

March 27, 2019
South Korea’s Bithumb Becomes World’s Largest Crypto Exchange by Total Volume in February, Coinbase Trades Most Bitcoin to USD. This report provides a broad overview of the crypto exchange market as a whole, focusing on historical analyses that relate to futures volumes, web traffic, predominant fee model and so on. CryptoCompare also focuses on how

South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Launches Over-The-Counter Trading Platform

February 8, 2019
South Korea’s major virtual currency exchange Bithumb has officially launched an over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk under the Ortus brand, according to a press release published on Feb. 7. Hong Kong-based entity Bithumb Global Limited owns the rights to the Ortus brand, which specializes in services for institutional investors. After completing Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering inspections,

Japan and Korea Officially Approve Their Biggest Crypto Exchanges

January 11, 2019
South Korea’s Internet & Security Agency (KISA) has granted an important certification to the country’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. Meanwhile, in Japan, Coincheck, the country’s largest exchange, is now registered with the Financial Services Agency.  Bithumb Granted ISMS Certification Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has managed to obtain Information Security Management System certification from the country’s KISA. According