Bitcoin regulation

Libra Does Not Threaten Sovereignty of Nations, Says Calibra CEO

September 30, 2019
CEO of Calibra, Facebook’s digital wallet for its proposed Libra stablecoin, has attempted to debunk the notion of Libra’s threat to the global financial system. Not new money but a better payment network Amid the ongoing meeting between Libra founders and 26 global central banks in Basel, Calibra CEO David Marcus has stepped up to

Bitcoin Ban Means Massive Brain Drain for India, Crypto Industry Warns

September 30, 2019
India is seeing the first signs of an anticipated brain drain, as the government mulls stark legislation that would criminalize domestic cryptocurrency investments. A Sept. 16 Economic Times report has taken the measure of industry sentiment on the ground, as a proposed blanket ban — currently still in the form of draft legislation — awaits its

US SEC Chair: BTC Won’t Be on Major Exchanges Without More Regulation

September 23, 2019
United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton has said Bitcoin (BTC) needs stronger regulation in order to be traded on a major exchange. Consider the Nasdaq CNBC reported on Sept. 19 that Clayton made his remarks at the Delivering Alpha conference. Warning investors to be wary, he added: “If [investors] think there’s the same

Former US Congressman Calls for Nuanced Cryptocurrency Regulations

September 16, 2019
Former United States Representative Harold J. Ford has argued that Congress should have a nuanced approach to regulating cryptocurrencies. In an article published on CNBC on Sept. 5, Ford said that lawmakers and regulators should develop clear regulations toward digital currencies. He noted a comment from Chris Larsen, the executive chairman and co-founder of blockchain

Czech Republic To Enforce Crypto Regulations Deemed Harsher Than The Ones Issued by the EU

August 22, 2019
While some countries are friendly to Bitcoin, others seem to hate it. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic is far from one of the friendliest countries with crypto. According to recent reports, the country is about to enforce regulations on the crypto industry which are deemed to be even harsher than the ones required by the European