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Coinbase Visa Card Offers Stablecoin Support

December 13, 2019
Crypto exchange Coinbase now offers DAI stablecoin support which is Ethereum-based. The announcement was made on December 6th. DAI is the first stablecoin to be included after the launch of the card in April 2019. UK and EU users can now spend the crypto they have in their accounts with Coinbase. Other tokens were added

Ternio Announces Addition of XRP for Blockcard as an Accepted Cryptocurrency for Use

November 13, 2019
Ternio Blockcard adds support for Ripple’s XRP coin as an acceptable cryptocurrency payment option just days before the big SWELL conference event in Singapore. Ternio, a platform is providing white-label technology to customers that use blockchain and crypto for real-world applications announced that it will be adding XRP for Blockcard. We asked-you told-we listened. Ternio is excited

Japan Grants Crypto Exchange License to Messaging Giant LINE

September 11, 2019
LVC Corporation, the digital asset- and blockchain-focused arm of Japanese messaging giant LINE, has obtained a crypto exchange operating license from Japan’s financial regulator. The news was reported by Cointelegraph Japan on Sept 6. Trading for 5 major cryptocurrencies As previously reported, LVC Corp.’s trading platform, to be dubbed BITMAX, will enable Line’s 80 million

Telx Technologies Launches First Crypto-Facilitating SIM Card

August 29, 2019
Cryptocurrency and telecommunications company Telx Technologies announced the launch of the first crypto SIM card wallet that enables transactions via SMS. According to the company’s Medium post published on Aug. 22, the card allows its users to send cryptocurrencies via SMS with their dedicated crypto phone number. Notably, these transactions do not require a smartphone

Celsius Network Incorporates Platform to Streamline Services

August 20, 2019
A new partnership between crypto lending and borrowing platform Celsius Network and fintech-focused media outlet aims to streamline digital currency-related services for crypto owners using the Celsius App. Per a press release published on Aug. 15, Celsius has integrated’s trading platform into its Celsius App to simplify cryptocurrency holders’ access to financial services.

CheapAir Adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) As A Crypto Payment Option For Cheap Airlines And Hotels

August 12, 2019
CheapAir, the first airline online booking platform to accept cryptocurrency payments, accepts Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) on its platform. Over 4 million users set to benefit in booking cheap airlines and hotels following CheapAir’s partnership with CheapAir announced through an official press release the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its collection of crypto

Are Coin Holders Rolling the Dice within the Crypto Market Like a Casino?

May 28, 2019
Trading cryptocurrencies was never a safe way to make money, as high volatility continues to trouble the space to this very day. However, with the market seeing recovery, many are entering the trading business with no regard to risks. Of course, trading always demanded both skill and luck. But, it appears that many are opting to rely

PR9 Network Launches Institutional Trading Platform for Assets Stored in Cold Wallets

May 9, 2019
The PR9 Network has launched a real-time trading and settlement platform for digital assets stored on cold storage wallets. Essentially, institutional clients will be able to trade in a variety of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin without having to move their asset holdings held in their preferred hardware crypto wallets. James Forrester, the CEO of

Streaming Service Twitch Removes Crypto Payment Options

March 26, 2019
Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch has evidently removed Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment options for subscriptions. The change was reported by a Reddit user on March 23. The user noted that Twitch had offered an option to pay with BTC and BCH employing BitPay as a payment processor, but has since “removed it in the last couple of weeks as a payment method for all countries.”

Square is Hiring Crypto Engineers, Offers Salaries in Bitcoin

March 22, 2019
United States-based payment platform Square is hiring cryptocurrency engineers and is offering to pay them in digital currency, according to a tweet published by Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey on March 20. In the tweet, Dorsey announces that “Square is hiring 3–4 crypto engineers and one designer to work full-time on open source contributions to the Bitcoin/crypto ecosystem. Work from