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New Bitcoin ATM Location Pops Up in Miami International Airport by Bitstop

October 23, 2019
Bitstop has recently installed a Bitcoin (BTC) ATM machine on the Miami International Airport. This marks an important milestone as the airport has never had such a machine before, despite how common they are found across the U.S. According to the company, this was a strategic location to set up a BTC ATM. This is one of

Dubai First Bitcoin ATM Gets Removed Just 2 Days After Its Launch

March 29, 2019
Dubai’s first Bitcoin ATM, installed on March 19, was removed just 2 days after its launch, due to lack of AML/KYC obligations for the purchasing of Bitcoin (BTC). Earlier this week, IIB reported on the launch of Dubai’s first Bitcoin ATM, highlighting its most intriguing aspect — that users could purchase Bitcoin with cash while staying completely anonymous,