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Energy dependency is a problem for us all, not just Ukraine

June 23, 2014
2014.06.23 The news from Ukraine these days just seems to get worse and worse for the country. Military planes are being shot from the sky by rebels, the eastern half of the country is still trying to secede (despite Russia not being quite so vocally supportive anymore), and the Crimean region seems to have been

ICEPE Conference: 2014

April 7, 2014
2014.04.07 Today, Southeast Asia students are forced to find new ways to advance their careers and meet graduation requirements in the overcrowded and hugely competitive region. One strategy is to attend professional conferences, where students can submit and present academic papers before a professional audience, says investor-entrepreneur Ana Shell, who is dedicated to developing alternative

NRGLab leader highlights new tech for coal gasification

November 26, 2013
2013.11.26 New technologies now exist for producing profitable coal gasification, NRGLab’s Ana Shell announced during a presentation at the premiere Coal Gasification conference in Singapore Nov. 19-22. Shell was the only conference speaker to present a unique, cost-effective method of coal gasification at scale using NRGLab’s proprietary technology, including reactors developed by Viscoil, an NRGLab