Gender Issues & Family

Ending violence against women, one man at a time

July 23, 2014
2014.07.23 The most widespread epidemic in the developing world isn’t HIV or malaria, it’s violence against women. In India, there are 230 million young men under 18 years old, and of these men, an estimated 116 million of them will grow up to be abusive to women, a number that is almost three times the

The need to survive results in child abuse in Cambodia

July 21, 2014
2014.07.21 A neighbour alerted Cambodian police about a 4-year-old girl kept chained in a wooden shack for 8 hours every day. The girl’s mother borrowed money from a woman who demanded the girl be sent to her as a security against the loan. The girl then spent two years in the lender’s house. The lender

Rising cost of child care may help explain recent increase in stay-at-home moms

July 18, 2014
2014.07.18 A greater share of mothers [in America] are not working outside the home than at any time in the past two decades, according to a new Pew Research Center report. After declining for several decades — bottoming out at 23% around the turn of the century — the share of stay-at-home mothers has risen in

Gender issues and sustainable development: we need to pay more attention

July 16, 2014
2014.07.16 The term ‘sustainable development’ was first used by the Brundtland Commission in its 1987 report Our Common Future. It defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Two factors critical to sustainable development are access, at reasonable coats,

Immigrants using ‘proxy’ marriages to dodge Britain’s visa laws

July 11, 2014
2014.07.11 The sham weddings allow an EU citizen to marry another person in a ceremony outside the EU at which neither the bride or groom are required to be present. Instead, stand-ins take “vows” on their behalf – and a marriage certificate is issued which can then be used in Britain to win residency rights

Raising children alone in Asia: the struggle for support and acceptance by state and society

July 9, 2014
2014.07.09 The National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute has recently held the International Conference on Growing Up in One-Parent Families in Asia. The conference brought together over 30 academics and experts to present their papers and ideas about the challenges and complexities of life in a one-parent household in the Asian context. “What we

Choosing children

July 1, 2014
2014.07.01 In the last number of years a good amount of material has been published about the rewards of parenting. Are parents truly happier? Is parenting worth it? Many of these articles highlight the downsides of being a parent. Dirty diapers. Crying babies. Bulging tummies. Tyrranical teenagers. Authors (often childless) tell us that parents are more

Women and the world economy

June 24, 2014
2014.06.24 In many countries, public debate about gender equality focuses mainly on women’s access to oppositions and high-powered career opportunities. But the “glass ceiling” is only a small part of the issue. The broader question is whether women have the same opportunities as men to participate in labor markets in the first place. In other

Why American public schools are failing

June 23, 2014
2014.06.23 The educational system in the United States is in dire trouble and there seems to be little real hope of effective reform in the near future. Our country’s once top-flight educational system has been in a state of decline for decades and we are rapidly falling behind many other developed countries. This decline in

Why girls’ education can help eradicate poverty

June 18, 2014
2014.06.18 Educating girls and young women is not only one of the biggest moral challenges of our generation, it is also a necessary investment for a peaceful and poverty-free world. Until we give girls equal access to a good quality education, the world will continue to suffer from child and maternal mortality, disease and other