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Begin EMBA Fair: Unlimited opportunities for career development

October 21, 2014
2014.10.21 On October 17, 2014 the Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow held the Begin EMBA Fair – one of the leading education events in Russia especially organized for executives. Unlike the usual MBA fairs, it was oriented toward the more experienced participants and showcased the most relevant programs for their further career prospects. The current rapid

Rising cost of child care may help explain recent increase in stay-at-home moms

July 18, 2014
2014.07.18 A greater share of mothers [in America] are not working outside the home than at any time in the past two decades, according to a new Pew Research Center report. After declining for several decades — bottoming out at 23% around the turn of the century — the share of stay-at-home mothers has risen in

Chaos and capitalism not so good for Iraq

June 24, 2014
2014.06.24 And so it goes: years after George W Bush stood on that battleship and proclaimed Mission Accomplished, Iraq is once more teetering on the edge of a chaos that many hoped was fading. All the attempts at nation-building, at creating a unified police force and army, of building up a native political establishment –

Economic slavery, as pushed by the west

June 20, 2014
2014.06.20 A new report from the International Labor Organization has found that the proceeds from ‘forced labor’ amount to as much as $150 billion dollars per year worldwide. To give you an idea of just how much money that is, if the people benefiting from this forced labor were to form their own country, they

Bursting the housing bubble

June 17, 2014
2014.06.17 To read the newspapers in the UK, you might think that the housing market is both the most important thing in the country, and something that is of innate benefit to all citizens. There is constant jubilation over rising house prices, and that seems to be about the most important thing to publications like

Human trafficking around the world: Hidden in plain sight

June 11, 2014
2014.06.11 Human trafficking is one of those issues that rankles people even when they don’t understand its actual shape and scope. At least a dozen books have appeared in the past few years describing the horrors of sex trafficking, a gruesome practice of enslavement and perversion affecting millions of (mostly) girls the world over, including,

Aid for the poor or for the rich?

June 11, 2014
2014.06.11 Good news for once! British foreign aid has finally reached the 0.7% mark! As you will no doubt know, there has been a longstanding target encouraged by the UN Development Programme to encourage rich countries to give 0.7% of their GDP as foreign aid to help poorer countries overcome their disadvantages and improve the

Services made with our hands and our hearts

June 3, 2014
2014.06.03 There is a lot of election talk in the UK these days, which is unsurprising with the EU elections recently taking place and the next national election due in one year’s time. Current polls are starting to suggest that the lead the opposition Labour Party has held for a few years is beginning to

The future of the family in an age of female breadwinners

May 30, 2014
2014.05.30 A new Pew report on “Breadwinner Moms” notes that 40 percent of families with children under 18 now have the mother as the primary or sole breadwinner in the family. While this rapid transformation — that figure was 11 percent in 1960 — is scaring some backward commentators, there are real problems created by the

Married to the mortgage

May 27, 2014
2014.05.27 China’s communists attacked many bourgeois institutions after taking power in 1949. But marriage was not one of them. On the contrary, they enacted a marriage law in 1950, four years before they introduced a constitution. The pressure to marry remains heavy in today’s China, where almost 80% of adults have tied the knot at