FIDé Fashion Week 2013: Yumi Katsura – The Fairy Godmother of the Bridal World

November 2, 2013
2013.11.02 While I was under the impression that most fashion shows would start fashionably late, that wasn’t the case for Yumi Katsura, who started her show promptly at 9 pm. Yumi Katsura, whom I refer to as the ‘fairy godmother of bridal fashion’, would probably agree with me that time and tide wait for no

FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013: Japanese Couture Evening

October 28, 2013
2013.10.28 It was my second night here at FIDé Fashion Week 2013, just in time for Japanese Couture, an evening segment that showcased the collections of three well-known Japanese designers: Junko Koshino, Yoshiki Hishinuma and Keita Maruyama. The first fashion show of the night was by Junko Koshino, one of Japan’s most highly acclaimed fashion

FIDé Fashion Week 2013: An interview with Kenzo Takada

October 23, 2013
2013.10.23 Kenzo Takada, an iconic Japanese fashion designer and founder of the fashion house KENZO, was here in Singapore last week to attend Asian Couture Federation’s first inaugural gala dinner at FIDé Fashion Week. I had the exclusive opportunity of meeting Kenzo Takada and interview him about his new role as Honorary President of the newly

Dazzling array of precious gems worth more than $1 billion USD at the Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair

October 23, 2013
2013.10.23 Have you ever seen a Victorian diamond tiara worth $20 million (USD), a 130-carat emerald, or a 900-carat amethyst? These are some of the highlights from the dazzling display of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones flown in from all over the world to the inaugural Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair (SJGF). Featuring