Millionaire Philanthropist Bill Pulte is Giving Away Bitcoin to People in Need

Which he says is the way to its mass adoption.

  • Bill Pulte buys the dip says he isn’t concerned about the price
  • Crypto, according to him can help the world’s poorest, especially those who are “unbanked”

Millionaire philanthropist and “Inventor of Twitter Philanthropy” Bill Pulte “recently bought 11 bitcoins” and further “bought more Bitcoin” on Dec. 18, the day BTC price dropped to almost $6,400 before surging past $7,300.

However, he isn’t concerned about the price as he wrote, “I’m much more concerned with the utility of Bitcoin and blockchain technology than price.”

Pulte is known for giving money, food, and more to people in need and this time he is giving away Bitcoin. This according to him is the way to crypto adoption and also a way to get rid of scams in the space.

In the past few days, he has talked about cryptocurrencies a lot stating that “Cryptocurrency can help the world’s poorest…especially those who are “unbanked” … as a philanthropist, I therefore want to promote adoption.”

That’s why Africa is his next step which Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square CEO believes “Africa will define the future (especially the bitcoin one!).”

While urging people to use Twitter to help everyone, Pulte said he would be giving away Bitcoin to people in need in Africa.

He has already started sending Bitcoin to those working on ending homelessness in their community.

Bitcoin, the best investment of the decade, is designed to use peer-to-peer technology to facilitate payments. It is a decentralized digital currency that doesn’t have a central authority and doesn’t need any intermediaries.