Microsoft Azure Launches A New Token And A Suite Of Blockchain Services To Foster Adoption

he Azure Blockchain Service has been pivotal for the combination of one of the biggest tech companies in the world with one of the most innovative technologies to come out of this decade. Now, the service is diving deeper into how it can benefit developers, simplifying the process of integrating data on the blockchain ledger with current applications.

  • The new blockchain service includes pre-built templates for developers.
  • Microsoft Azure also recently released their own non-fungible tokens called Azure Heroes.

Microsoft Azure is the blockchain-enabled cloud service developed by Microsoft. According to a recent announcement by CoinTelegraph, this service has recently decided to provide consumers with tokenization and data management opportunities. The post on this newly enhanced service, published on December 6th, states that the new services will be the Azure Blockchain Service and Azure Blockchain Workbench.

With this new service, Microsoft pushes to make the process of making compliant tokens, and managing them, much simpler, especially when it comes to industry standards. While the service already offers pre-built templates for the average user, there’s a gallery available for partners to add in their own templates as well. The announcement says,

“With this latest offering, we can now offer customers an end-to-end experience of easily creating and managing tokens for physical or digital assets via Azure Blockchain Tokens (preview), in addition to managing the blockchain network itself via Azure Blockchain Service.”

The blockchain data manager, which is a feature of the new Azure Blockchain Service, makes it possible for users to capture information from the blockchain ledger, while decrypting and transforming it, making it possible to deliver the data to outside sources. By implementing this function, the new service makes “the cumbersome task of integrating existing applications with data that sits on a blockchain ledger” far simpler.

Blockchain is becoming more and more appealing to industries around the world, as countries implement their own incentives to test use cases. In a report from CoinTelegraph yesterday, one of the latest examples describes it in the application of blockchain tech for 3D printing, pushing for progress on aerospace supply chains.

Along with the launch of these services, Microsoft Azure announced a new non-fungible blockchain token that targets developers, called Azure Heroes. The official announcement from Microsoft Azure can be viewed at