New Service Launched for Government and Corporations with Enterprise Blockchain

Bitfury has launched a new blockchain product designed specifically for corporations and governments. As a leader in Bitcoin mining, Bitfury made the announcement for the release of Exonum Enterprise. The purpose of this release is to facilitate private blockchains.

Exonum Enterprise is an improvement over Exonum, which is a Blockchain as a Service first launched in 2017. The new system will improve transparency, thus enhancing security as well as interoperability. Bitfury has been listed in the Blockchain 50 from Forbes in 2019.

Exonum has been popular with many users since the launch two years ago. The Republic of Georgia is one user that implemented the technology to register more than two million land titles. Synergy University validated more than 100,000 diplomas on the network.

New features will be available with Exonum Enterprise, including the ability to launch private networks in under five minutes. The system can track deployments with help from Bitfury DevOps. Private blockchains can be integrated with the system. The network keeps running even with shortcomings, and it boasts added security and data privacy by being anchored to Bitcoin blockchain.