NVIDIA’s New Clara Federated Learning Platform Uses Blockchain and AI for the Healthcare Sector

NVIDIA, the systems and GPU chips manufacturer has introduced a new AI and blockchain-based computing platform that will make it possible for healthcare providers to reduce the analyses of multifarious Three-dimension models to a few minutes from the many hours it previously took.

Referred to as Clara Federated Learning, this intelligent edge platform is expected to introduce groundbreaking changes to the healthcare segment. While releasing the statement, Kimberly pointed out that the new system would be operating on an official NVIDIA intellectual platform.

NVIDIA Looking to Explore New Segments

Kimberly Powell, NVIDIAs vice president in charge of healthcare went on to note in her blog post the numerous problems encountered when trying to gain access to large data volumes which are then used to train artificial intelligence models. In the announcement, she noted that the platform is expected to work as follows:

NVIDIA has partnered with various companies based in the United Kingdom to help them come up with a system to be used by the NHS. Some of the companies involved in this partnership include Owkin. The partnership will involve coming up with a system that will move starting one facility to another in search of datasets.”

Blockchain’s Prospects in Health

Healthcare solutions based on blockchain technology and designed for the industry are many and in-depth. A majority of the projects currently under development all seek to emphasize the advantages of blockchain solutions in terms of increased computational speeds, data accessibility, and data privacy.

Traditionally, this is a technology that continues to be associated with artificial intelligence in that the two work very well when combined. Another company that has demonstrated an interest in supplying this type of solution is IBM. It has even gone as far as announcing a consortium comprising of companies such as Health Care Service Corporation, PNC Bank, and Anthem.