IBM Patents IoT Tracking On Blockchain To Prevent Package Stealing Drones

The technology giant IBM has recently been awarded a new patent. While companies such as Amazon and FedEx are working on drones that can quickly deliver packages, IBM is going through another route and looking for ways to prevent drones from actually stealing these packages when they are being sent to destinations.

IBM envisioned two modern realities when devising this new technology: it noticed that people are buying more and more goods online and that other people are starting to buy private drones. These two trends could easily start a third dangerous one, as private parties could use the drones to steal. To prevent this from becoming a trend, technology is being created right now.

The IBM patent indicates that the solution for this possible issue is to outfit the drones with an internet of things sensor that could be used if the drone exceeds an altitude threshold. This way, an abrupt change would be detected and sent to a secure database.

In this case, IBM is using the blockchain as a secure database, but a commercial application of this service might end up using other kinds of trusted databases instead.

Right now, there is no public information on how common drone heists are in the United States. Most companies are focused only on creating drones or providing the services for the delivery, so IBM is really pioneering in this new reality.

There is no guarantee that the project will go forward, though. Patents only protect the company from having its ideas stolen, so they are not really related to the actual commercial viability of a project such as this one.