New Huobi Russia Exchange Plans to Add Rubles

A new exchange in Moscow, known as Huobi Russia, will add Russian rubles through bank transfers. The bank will process these rubles deposits.

The Justice Ministry has granted permission to Huobi Russia’s legal entity for rubles to be added through a Uzbekistan bank. The letter also states that these activities haven’t been prohibited by any local laws.

The new exchange platform already has established a relationship with InfinBank. The company will create its own platform, which will be known as Huobi Russia Origin. This platform will also launch its own token to pay for fees.

Huobi Russia will have a separate listing service from Huobi Russia Origin. Launch date for the platform has not yet been announced. New rules for the applications are to be released on December 30th. No fee will be associated with listing with Huobi Russia, but other services may be offered for a cost, such as legal advice.