Voyager and Avant-Garde Form New Partnership to Offer Zero-Commission Crypto Trading Services

Canada’s Voyager Digital crypto-asset broker and Avant-Garde Trading Securities partner to provide zero-commission trading on all cryptocurrencies.

The Canadian cryptocurrency asset broker Voyager Digital and Avant-Garde Trading Securities have formed a new partnership and are engaged to offer their broker-dealer clients from the US the option to trade crypto assets without being charged a commission.

This means Avant-Garde will allow its customers to make crypto trades through Voyager’s services and aggregation of data feeds from the crypto exchange. In about 3 months, Avant-Garde is planning to go live and to provide its customers proprietary technology for trading stocks, futures, exchange-traded funds, options, and forex markets.

The Two Companies are Integrating Their Systems

Voyager’s app is checking most of the trading venues and crypto exchanges to find the best prices for its users or the prices that are closer to what the user has been offered. The systems at Avant-Garde and Voyager are currently being integrated, a launch being planned for the first quarter of 2020. This is what the Avant-Garde CEO David Gompert had to say about Voyager:

“Their state-of-the-art platform and technology will provide our clients with a tremendous opportunity to invest in this growing asset class.”

Voyager is Supported by Many Wealthy Investors

Already offering zero-commission trading services for about 30 important cryptocurrencies, Voyager wants to also take on Robinhood, which is a leader in the market when it comes to crypto trading without any fees. Robinhood also allows its users to open accounts and fund them with a minimum of $10. Voyager will no longer close any other partnerships after Avant-Garde, as it has already added Tiger Trading, CoinDust, Arwen, Blockforce, Sterling Trading, and Market Rebellion.

The crypto asset broker has a license and many wealthy investors like the co-founder of Uber, Oscar Salazar. Its CEO is Stephen Ehrlich, who has previously founded the Lightspeed Financial and ran the professional trading department at the online E*Trade stockbroker. This what he had to say about the partnership Voyager has recently closed:

“Voyager Digital is committed to transforming access to the crypto market, and, in just the last month alone, we have announced three important partnerships. Our partnership with Avant-Garde Trading Securities is part of this transformation and will connect investors to the best crypto-asset platform out there today.”

The Voyager app is used worldwide and very efficient and at finding the closest or best price for buying and selling when trading.