Franklin Templeton and Curv Crypto Wallet Partner to Secure Tokenized Shares, Give Clients Autonomy

Curv’s cryptocurrency wallet service provider will be used by Franklin Templeton Investments to help deliver a solution for securing tokenized shares and custody.

American holding company (combined with its subsidiaries), Franklin Templeton has recently entered a partnership with Curv to protect its tokenized shares, as per a press release dated, Thursday, November 21, 2019.

What led to this partnership? As per the claims made, it’s Curv’s institutional wallet service that has led Franklin Templeton to partner with the firm, as the service supposedly allows the latter to eliminate private keys and increase security in terms of how investors sign and manage transactions.

Speaking regarding this endeavor is the Executive VP of Franklin Templeton, Roger Bayston, who stressed the importance of trust on the clients’ end and how it is more or less the glue that ties each individual to the asset manager. He further elaborated that:

“Curv understood our demanding security requirements and our plans requiring large scale. In comparison to traditional tech stacks evaluated, Curv’s cryptography changes what is possible in digital asset custody, delivering to our clients’ instant availability and total autonomy over their investments.”

CEO and Co-Founder of Curv, Itay Malinger expressed excitement in the partnership, as they are getting the opportunity to work alongside, “other innovators and first movers in the digital asset space.”

Curv Obtains Crypto Insurance Protection

In May 2019, Curv supposedly obtained digital asset insurance protection of up to $50 million for its customers based in Munich RE. Additionally, the firm is deemed the first and only MPC digital asset wallet to date to have earned SOC2 Type II status.

The latter is a certification designed specifically for service providers storing customer data into cloud. That said, in the case of Curv, it is done so by abiding by strict security policies to protect its customers.