Blockchain Association Board Adds Ripple Executive, Ben Melnicki

Ben Melnicki of Ripple appears to be a new board member of the Blockchain Association. He recently tweeted that he is looking forward to working with the Blockchain Association and its members to “provide regulatory clarity” on what he referred to as a critical issue for the industry and market participants.

The Blockchain Association tweeted that it is pleased to say that it has added Melnicki as a co-chair of the vital working group.

According to a report by UToday, Melnicki is not the first Ripple executive to become a member of the Blockchain Association. For instance, Michelle Bond, who is the head of Government Relations, is also a member of the board.

Further, Melnicki’s membership follows Ripple’s recent announcement that it will be opening a representative office in Washington D.C. This could mean that the company is looking to establish a presence in an area where it could be closer to regulators.