Lamborghini Uses Salesforce Blockchain to Enhance Trust and Transparency for The Secondary Market

High-end luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini to embrace and leverage Salesforce’s enterprise blockchain technology for supply chain operations.

Lamborghini, a giant automobile maker, has announced that it will be integrating the blockchain technology to help track the authenticity of the luxury cars during resales. The company will use Salesforce’s blockchain tech to ensure cars sold in the secondary market are genuine.

Salesforce launched its blockchain platform in May 2019 based on Hyperledger Sawtooth. The platform allows clients to drag-and-drop modules to develop their blockchain networks without involving code writing. Lamborghini is the fourth client for the company’s blockchain platform. Salesforce Blockchain Pioneer clients were IQVIA (a research company), S&P Global (a rating agency), and the State of Arizona University.

Surprisingly, according to a press release by Salesforce, whenever one is reselling a Lamborghini, the car has to pass through over nine hundred certification checks at the company’s headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. This is done to ensure buyers are getting genuine Lamborghinis with authentic parts.

For the authentication process to be a success, the company needs the services of a large network of entities and individuals such as repair shops, dealership auctioneers, and photographers who will help in the documentation of the car’s history. Blockchain technology will help the company bring all these partners together under one trusted network.

After this program has been completed, each Lamborghini will come with a documentation of its history that will include prior ownership, restoration, among other details relevant to that particular car. This will help guard each car against any form of counterfeiting hence boosting customers’ trust in the authenticity of the vehicles.

“We are happy to see an iconic brand like Lamborghini transforming the vintage cars industry using the Salesforce Blockchain platform. The blockchain tech has helped change the way businesses approach transparency and trust,” said Adam Caplan, SVP at Salesforce’s Emerging Technologies.

According to the head of after-sales at the company, Paolo Gabrielli, the company is ever curious to embrace new technologies throughout its long history since the launch of the automaker in 1963.

“Our new partnership with Salesforce will help in boosting our innovation and in the authentication of our heritage luxury cars.”