Fintech World Forum 2019 in London

FinTech World Summit Forum 2019 (FinTech Conference) is based in London UK Europe as one of leading fintech events for global financial, finance and banking technology industry. Its focuses on Mobile Payments, Lending, Insurance, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Investment, Crypto, Regtech, Insurtech, Cryptocurrency, Wealth Tech and Wealth Management.

Few topics are as pertinent as fintech, and cryptocurrencies are at the forefront of this sector. Therefore, Fintech World Forum, taking place in London on November 18th and 19th, is packed with presenters. Fintech World Forum 2019 will feature representatives from IBM, Mastercard, HSBC, Citi, and other corporations.

In total, 25 speakers will cover some of the most important issues facing today’s crypto investors, including crypto as payments, Bitcoin and barriers to finance, and the future of finance.

Fintech World Forum will be one of the last big blockchain and crypto conferences to take place in 2019. So far, it’s been an incredible year for cryptocurrencies, and these events are both an opportunity to celebrate that progress and to build the connections that ensure its proliferation well into the future.

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