Ethereum Blockchain Data Platform, Dune Analytics, Backed by Binance, Becomes Publicly Available

Dune Analytics platform, supported via the Binance Labs incubator program and used by the likes of Binance, Gnosis, Dharma and Argent, is officially out of stealth mode enabling users to sort through ETH blockchain data via SQL queries.

Dune Analytics, which is backed by Binance, describes itself on its website as an all-in-one designation to query, visualize, share, and explore readable smart contract data. The platform was founded by Mats Julian Olsen and Fredrik Haga in 2018

According to a report originally published on The Block, dune Analytics is no longer in stealth mode. Haga shared with The Block that he believes that Dune Analytics is a good example of how one can build a crypto company from “almost anywhere in the world.”

He also shared with The Block that users can now send a Dune-link that directs to real-time updated analysis of any low-level or high-level metrics that users are curious about. Meaning, there are no longer applies-to-oranges comparisons and metrics that have unknown origins. He continued that all queries made with Dune Analytics are transparent and anyone can inspect and improve them. Visit Dune Analytics here: