Financial Regulator in New York Hiring Specialist in Blockchain and Crypto

The Department of Financial Services in New York state recently announced it is hiring a Deputy Superintendent for the Research and Innovation Division. They are looking for a person with a background in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The person hired will be leading policy decisions as well as regulating markets that are innovative and emerging.

Some of the tasks for this person include:

  • Developing enforcement procedures
  • Developing policies and strategies for communication
  • Maintaining engagement with players in the industry
  • Developing compliance measures and initiatives

More government agencies and organizations have been focused on hiring specialists with backgrounds in crypto recently. In August, the US Department of Commerce was searching for a computer specialist with such a background. The role of this position will include cybersecurity.

NASA was also looking to hire a data scientist with expertise in crypto and blockchain. The primary role for this position is constructing and operating planetary robotic spacecraft while conducting missions around Earth’s orbit.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission sought a person to provide expertise in the area of blockchain and crypto. Their job would be to act as a consultant.