Witnesses to Testify in OneCoin Pyramid Scheme Case

Four staff members of the Bank of Ireland have been asked to testify in the OneCoin Pyramid Scheme Case against Mark Scott. Scott is one of the primary suspects in a scam that involved more than $3 billion.

Scott is the former partner of an international law firm, Locke Lord. He was indicted and charged with laundering more than $300 million by using business accounts held at the Bank of Ireland. The Bank of Ireland employees will testify remotely through closed-circuit television.

The trial is set to be held on November 4 with a pretrial conference on October 28. One of the witnesses is Greg Begley, who is expected to have proof of Scott’s involvement in the scam by transferring funds.

Scott has been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. The alleged actions took place between 2016 and 2018 when he supposedly defrauded OneCoin with nearly $400 million. Allegations state that he used bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, which are known as Fenero Funds. This is one of the largest schemes of all time.